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Bill McClure

Bill McClure for Mayor in St. Augustine

“I believe the residents of St Augustine must benefit from the rich history and tourism dollars that we generate here."

The Platform

Infrastructure (Roads and Utilities)

The City of St Augustine has such a rich history that millions of people come to our vibrant city each year. Yet we continuously have crumbling infrastructure. In fact, with tourism, wage growth and labor force participation at an all-time high, combined with our own local economy booming for the last 2 years, it makes you wonder where all the money went? I ask you, are you better off than you were 4 years ago? A tourist economy must benefit its local residents, and from looking doesn't. 

Parking and Traffic

One of the biggest problems in the City of St Augustine is the parking situation, which leads to traffic congestion. Many people, including locals from St Johns and surrounding counties would love to host events in this city, but choose not to because of the lack of parking in the immediate area. This simple problem creates a big problem. If people come here for a quick "day-trip", the revenue collected is not enough to pay for the infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, etc) needs. The solution is to build the parking garages through public private partnerships. This will free traffic congestion and have cars moving along. 

Taxes, Government, and Quality of Life

Government works for the people. I am applying for the job to be your Mayor. As your county commissioner, I lowered your taxes, repealed old laws that didn't make sense, refinanced debt, managed growth, and more. I think the Mayor should be the catalyst for change for the people. Infrastructure, Technology, Tourism, Public Safety, Education, and a great Quality of Life is what local government should focus on, not federal issues such as gun control.  If we allow vagrants (homeless travelers) to rule the city, then elected officials are failing the ones they represent! If we allow political factions to judge historical events and punish locals and tourists, then we fail our electorate. 

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